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Is it possible to play badminton outdoors? 
Question: Hi, I would like to know whether it is possible to play badminton outdoors. How to cope with a mild breeze every now and then? A heavier …

How to improve my height? Does it help in badminton? 
Question: Height: How I improve my height in badminton?? Now my height is just 5 feet and 6 inches…

Hi Punkh, thanks for the question. …

How much space is required for badminton doubles? 
Question: How much court size do you need to play doubles?

Hi there, thank you for the question.

Badminton doubles allows you to use …

What can players take a break for? 
Question: What can players take breaks for?

In official badminton tournaments such as the Super Series tournaments, Grand Prix and World …

Why should we start a badminton game with a serve? 
Question: Why should we start a badminton game with a serve?

Hi Lucy, thank you for your question.

A badminton serve is simply a badminton …

What is the age and height needed in a badminton game? 
Question: How much maximum age and height need to play badminton?

Hi Anantha, thanks for your question.

Badminton is played at several …

What do the officials wear?  
Hi there, thank you for your question.

Major Tournaments
If a badminton tournament has a reasonably large prize money and attracts attention …

Which badminton strokes are used most frequently on the court? 
Question: Which strokes is used more frequent? (strokes that are mostly used on court during a game)

Hi Rhannon, thank you for your question.

Basically …

Is doubles more physically challenging these days than singles? 
Question: Is doubles more physically challenging these days than singles?

Hi Peter, thanks for your question.

Different people will have …

Does Height Matter to Be a Good Player? 
Question: Hey my height only 5.1″. Age 20. Can anybody please tell me what practice should I need to be a good player as I am not tall.

Answer …

Who are the officials of badminton? 
Who are the officials of badminton?


The officials are the judges responsible to ensure a fair badminton game is being played.They …

What is fair play in badminton? 
Question: What is fair play in badminton? (Explain in detail)


Hello Anisa and thank you for your question.

Your inquiry in terms of …

Is the game of doubles a faster or slower game than singles? Why? 
Question: Is the game of doubles a faster or slower game than singles? Why?

In badminton doubles, the game tempo is definitely higher than …

Why is speed important in badminton? 
Question: Why is speed so important when PLAYING, not training for, PLAYING badminton?

Hi Brianna, I think speed is a very important factor …

How to play badminton deception? 
Question How to Play Badminton Deception?

Hi Ahijit, badminton deception is a very complicated skill to master. I’ll just mention briefly …

Can I use a twisted racquet to play badminton? 
Question: Can we play badminton with a twisted badminton racquet?

Hi there, thanks for asking us a question.

I assume you mean using …

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