Which badminton strokes are used most frequently on the court?

by Rhannon


Question: Which strokes is used more frequent? (strokes that are mostly used on court during a game)

Hi Rhannon, thank you for your question.

Basically there are 4 common strokes in badminton; which include the:

  1. Overhead Forehand Stroke
  2. Overhead Backhand Stroke
  3. Underarm Forehand Stroke
  4. Underarm Backhand Stroke

However the overhead badminton forehand stroke is used the most during a badminton game.

The overhead forehand stroke is used most frequent because it’s the only stroke in badminton that generates the most power. The forehand stroke is used to perform the most powerful attacking shot, the badminton jump smash.

Besides that, the overhead forehand stroke is the easiest badminton stroke to perform. Most beginners learn this stroke first.

The next badminton strokes that are most commonly used are the underarm forehand and underarm backhand strokes. These are usually used for defence. They are relatively easy to learn too.

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