UK badminton: Find Badminton Clubs, Competitions and Activities in England

To enjoy a good game of badminton, you’ll need at least 4 people to play doubles. Of course, the more the better!

The problem is it’s often difficult to look for new badminton friends and games especially when you’re just starting to pick up the sport or when you have moved to a new place.

Don’t let this make you retire your racket!

I was raised in Malaysia until I moved to Melbourne, Australia for my studies. There wasn’t a problem looking for badminton games in Malaysia, considering all my badminton friends were close to me and badminton is a national sport in Malaysia.

I barely knew anyone in Melbourne and I could hardly look for social badminton games to play. Therefore I stopped playing badminton for almost 2 years.

The main problem was that I did not know where to look for social badminton games.

A New Solution

Badminton England has introduced a revolutionary online portal, to help connect casual badminton players in England.

You’ll be able to look for badminton clubs, activities, coaching and competitions around you. The site is convenient to use and has a very sophisticated search function.

I used to think that no one plays badminton in Melbourne but indeed there are many badminton activities and competition going on. You just need to know where to find.

If you’re based in England, Badminton England has solved the problem. offers you everything you need to know about badminton around your area in England. Find your badminton games and activities in England via this online portal.

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