World Class Badminton Players

One good way to improve your badminton is to study how the top badminton players became world class.

What was it that allowed that to achieve success and win international tournaments? What did it take for them to become world class?

Becoming a world class player requires full time practice. Talent alone will not make you a world class player. If you have the talent, you’ll learn faster. However, full-time practice is the key to becoming world class.

The purpose of this section is to study what are the skills that top players possess that made them champions.

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It’s often difficult to assess which player is the best. Even with the BWF World Ranking, we are not able to compare the true strengths of current players.

For example, Lee Chong Wei is considered the world number one, but Lin Dan seems to defeat him every time they meet each other.

If Peter Gade were at his peak, would he defeat Lee Chong Wei now?

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The following is a list of the top players today. Feel free to click on the players’ names below to know why they are the true greats.

Badminton Men’s Singles

Lee Chong Wei

Peter Gade

Taufik Hidayat

Lin Dan

If there are any specific world class players OF TODAY that you think is worth mentioning, feel free to send in a short description on what makes that player special.

Badminton Men’s Doubles

Cai Yun & Fu Hai Feng

Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong


Famous Players of All Time

Badminton is one of the fastest racquet sports. No matter how good players are, they will have to retire around the age of 30-35.

This is due to the decrease in stamina and speed which affects their performance tremendously. Both these attributes are vital for a player to maintain their titles.

Nevertheless, some of these famous badminton players have contributed a lot to the game. Some have pioneered certain techniques, strategies, and tactics that made badminton so enjoyable today.

They were the ones who showed us how to improve a badminton game and perform skills that were never done before.

For example, the badminton jump smash was not used often 20 years ago. Same goes for the art of badminton deception.

Then not long ago, Taufik Hidayat has showed us a jumping backhand smash.

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