Interviews with Professional Badminton Players

What is it like playing badminton professionally?

Find out as we interview professional badminton players from different countries.

Indian National Badminton Player – Arvind Bhat
One of the top players in India, Arvind Bhat, is going to share with us about his badminton career and some tips for beginners…

Malaysian National Badminton Players – Hui Lin and Hui Ern
We interviewed Malaysia’s Women’s Doubles players Ng Hui Lin and Ng Hui Ern about their career and their…

Thailand National Badminton Player – Boonsak Ponsana
Boonsak Ponsana is one of the most experienced players, he has played against players like Taufik Hidayat, Sony Dwi Kuncoro and Lin Dan. He has even beaten…

USA National Badminton Player – Priscilla Lun
We recently interviewed one of the professional players from the United States badminton womens team, Priscilla Lun. She was the gold medalist for…

Singapore National Badminton Player Terry Yeo
We managed to catch Singapore’s national team player Terry Yeo for an interview. He plays for Singapore’s Mixed and.

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