Interview with Malaysia’s Badminton Womens’ Doubles Players: Hui Lin and Hui Ern

We interviewed Malaysia’s Women’s Doubles players Ng Hui Lin and Ng Hui Ern about their career and their thoughts on the game.

Despite being part-timers, they have a ton of experience playing on
the international scene in top competitions (women’s doubles and mixed
doubles), they have also played alongside Malaysia’s top players and
delivered outstanding performances for their country.

We wanted to find out about their career and game strategies. We also
asked them what string tension professionals use and what basic skills
you should learn if you’re a beginner.

Read on to find out.

What are you looking to achieve in your badminton career?

I hope to play in the Olympic Games in 2012. I only wish to qualify for it, obviously it will be difficult for me to win.

What badminton racket do you use?

Yonex Ti-10. It is nice to play with and is flexible. It is more of a control racket.

What string tension do you use?

28 lbs, because it suits best for me. Guys will probably go for
30+ because they are stronger. You should choose a string tension that
suits your strength.

If you can do stronger badminton strokes, you can go for higher
string tensions or otherwise, stick to the lower ones to avoid getting

What is the biggest challenge in badminton for you right now?

I find my legs are quite slow compared to others. Fitness is a great challenge for me right now.

What is the most difficult badminton skill to master?

Net shots. This is because it requires a really soft touch. Your arm
movement has to be very ‘soft’ when you take a net shot. You must gently
touch the shuttle.

In terms of me and my sister, Hui Ern, I am the setter where as
my sister is better in doing badminton smashes. Therefore my net shots
are better than hers where as her smashes are stronger than mine.

Hui Ern: I am ‘fitter’ than my Hui Lin. I mean I can smash a
few times before I get tired where as my sister gets tired after 1-2

What do you think is the most important skill to master as a beginner?

Badminton clear/lob and service. These are the most basic skills in the game.

Who is your favourite player?

To be honest I don’t have any. I just enjoy playing badminton but I don’t enjoy watching others play because I find it boring.

Who is the most difficult opponent to beat?

I don’t like to play with Japan and China. Not because they are
fast but because they like to force their opponents into long rallies
and I can’t take on too long rallies since my fitness level is not high.

My speed will slow down if I go on too long rallies. I can improve my
fitness but since I am playing badminton part time, I don’t have time
to go for intense training.

Since Hui Ern’s fitness is better than yours, why don’t you let her stay behind?

She is standing behind most of the time for now. But in Women
Doubles, it’s about the 2 of us. No matter how good her stamina is, we
will still need to rotate or else it will be like mixed doubles.

Hui Ern: If I keep staying behind, I will also not be able to compete with the fitness of my opponents if they keep rotating.


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