How to Use the Badminton Smash to Win Rallies

The badminton smash is mainly used for attacking. It often acts as a winning shot in any badminton rallies.

Basically a smash is an offensive shot shot fired from a high point and travels down steeply towards your opponent.

Types of Smash

There are few types of smashes that are commonly used in badminton games today.

Basic Badminton Smash

Learning the basic smash is a MUST even if you’re a beginner. Start winning some points with the smash.Everyone can hit the smash. It’s as simple as swinging your racket forward as hard as you can. But in order to play and win like a pro, you’ll need to learn the correct technique… NO shortcuts!

Badminton Jump Smash

Want more power and a steeper angle for your smash?Learn the jump smash!  It’s probably the COOLEST shot in badminton. To generate maximum power, you’ll have to learn the CORRECT technique! It’s not as simple as leaping into the air and swinging your racket forward.

Beginners should always learn the basic smash before proceeding with the jump smash.

Badminton Backhand Smash

Beginners stay away. This is the MOST difficult type of smash.

If you’re an advanced player, I won’t recommend you to use this shot from your baseline. Even professional players will less likely hit the backhand smash from their
baseline. First, it’s difficult to generate power. Second, it slows down your recovery time.

However, learn to hit the backhand smash from your mid court and you’ll have an edge over your opponent. Just in case your opponent returns a weak, half court shot to your backhand area, the backhand smash could ‘catch’ your opponent off guard.

What is the Objective of the Badminton Smash?

Pretty straightforward…

  1. Finish off the rally and win a point.
  2. Force a weak return from your opponent.

General rule of thumb: If you think you can achieve either one of the objectives above, go ahead and SMASH!

Otherwise, think twice because the smash might cost you some precious rally points.

Although a smash is very powerful, it has certain disadvantages and it’s important that you are aware of it.

The Disadvantages of a Smash

Basically, the badminton smash has 2 disadvantages:

  • Slows Down Your Footwork: Smashing requires you to do a strong and complete swing. The strength of the swing will make you lose some body balance. Then you’ll concentrate on maintaining your body balance while you lose time returning to your base. If your opponent retrieves your smash, it’ll be difficult for you to reach the shuttle in time.
  • Less Effective When it’s Executed from your Baseline: This is because there won’t be sufficient angle to produce a steep smash.  Since smashing weakens your footwork and slows down your recovery, a Baseline Smash might give your opponent the opportunity to counter your

Trade Off Between Power and Accuracy

The badminton smash is usually used to win badminton rallies. It’s the most powerful badminton shot.

You can either:

  • Hit a powerful smash with low accuracy; or
  • Hit a less powerful smash with high accuracy.

Generally, if you choose to hit a powerful smash, you’ll need to sacrifice a degree of accuracy.

Why is there a trade off between power and accuracy?

As you try to generate more power for your smash, your smash becomes less accurate. You might not hit the shuttle to your desired spot.

Your mind and body will concentrate on generating power for your smash, rather than trying to direct the shuttle to a targeted spot.

On the other hand, you can choose to sacrifice power for accurate shot placement. This means that you forego some or most of the power in your badminton smash and aim your smash to land at your desired spot.

Without having to exert a lot of strength into your swing, you’re more likely to hit an accurate smash.

Should You Choose Power Over Accuracy?

In badminton singles, go for accuracy! Your opponent has a large area to defend. Therefore, smash towards the sidelines of the court. Your opponent will find it very difficult to retrieve the smash that lands on (or close to) the sidelines.

If you hit a powerful smash towards the sidelines, there’s a high chance that your smash will travel out of the court. With full power, the accuracy of your smash is weaker.

In badminton doubles, go for power! There are 2 players each side defending half a court. Thus, one player has a smaller area to defend. Retrieving a smash that is directed towards the sidelines is not as difficult as it is in singles.

If you try to hit an accurate smash with less power towards the sidelines, your opponent won’t have to move far to retrieve the smash. This makes your smash less effective.

A POWERFUL smash towards the inner area of the court is more effective in a doubles game.

The winning strategy in doubles is to force a weak return via strong consecutive attacks.

Important Takeaway Lessons

Singles player: Train to hit an ACCURATE smashes towards the singles’ sidelines (sacrificing power).

Doubles player: Train to hit POWERFUL smash towards the inner areas of the court
(sacrificing accuracy).


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