Badminton Techniques, Shots and Skills

There are NOT MANY badminton techniques out there, which makes it fairly easy to master the game. Sounds easy? No, not until you practice… practice… and PRACTICE.

For Beginners

Do not rush through to learn all the different types of badminton shots. Learn and practice each type of shot until you’re really good at it. Then move on to learn new types of shots.

I will provide you with a step by step schedule below to assist your journey to become a pro.

Have a look at the badminton basics page before learning the badminton skills on this page.

For Advanced Players

Since you’re reading this page, I’m guessing that you already know most or all of the techniques but want to improve your skills, right? Feel free to browse the links below this page.

Remember, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, mastering one technique at a time is better than knowing a little bit of all the techniques.

Knowing and practising the correct badminton techniques makes you a true PRO.

Badminton Shots (Forehand)

There are ONLY 3 types of shots:

  1. Clearing (or Lobbing)
  2. Drop Shots
  3. Smash

Use lobs and drops to weaken your opponent’s footwork and then dominate the game! When you’re putting constant pressure your opponent, you can easily win a point.

  1. Badminton Clear/Lob and Underarm Forehand Clear
    Learn how to lob properly and your opponent won’t be able to return a powerful shot.
  2. Badminton Drop
    If you connect a proper drop shot, your opponent is less likely to execute a powerful shot too.
  3. Badminton Smash and Badminton Jump Smash
    Do not train the smash or jump smash until you have mastered the above shots. However a powerful smash WINS A POINT!!

Badminton Shots (Backhand Variations)

A weak badminton backhand gives your opponent the chance to dominate a match. Know the correct technique and sources of power for a badminton backhand.

  1. Badminton Backhand Clear/ Lob and Undearm Backhand Clear
    Learn this together with other badminton shots. Use a backhand clear/lob to send the shuttle to the back of the court!
  2. Backhand Drop Shot
    Learn how to counter your opponents’ attack to your backhand area with a backhand drop. Execute this properly and it can be a quality offensive shot.
  3. Badminton Backhand Smash
    Surprise your opponent with a powerful backhand smash! Learn the correct technique to execute this difficult shot.

Your Badminton Techniques and Skills Roadmap

Apart from improving your shots, here are other important techniques you need to master during a game.


Defending a Badminton Smash
Do you want to know how to return a shot if your opponent smashes? Here are tips to defend against a powerful smash.

Badminton Defense: Defending Smashes and Powerful Shots
A more detailed tutorial with pictures to help you improve your defense against powerful shots and smashes!

Basic Badminton Techniques

Badminton Footwork
Move around the badminton court in an organised manner. If you have good footwork, you’ll have extraordinary agility and you’ll be able to return every shot from your opponent!

Badminton Serve
Before learning any other shots, know the correct technique for serving first. If you can serve well, your opponent won’t be able to give a deadly return shot.

Gripping Technique
Learn how to grip your racket correctly – the most important basic technique!


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