How to Defend a Powerful Badminton Smash

While knowing how to perform a strong badminton smash is an advantage, being able to DEFEND against your opponent’s smash is VITAL in surviving a badminton match.

Here are the secrets to defending a 300km/h smash!!

There are no special techniques that you’re required to know to defend a badminton smash.

However, I will provide you with some useful tips to assist you in defending a smash.

  • FOCUS and DO NOT PANIC if you know that your opponent will execute a strong badminton smash.
  • Employ a firm stance to maintain a strong and firm position before your opponent does the smash. Know the correct way of standing in a READY position. To do this, you need good badminton footwork.

To employ a firm stance, lower your body, with your knees slightly bent. This is called the defensive badminton stance

  • Attack the shuttlecock! DON’T be afraid of the shuttlecock. Trust me it won’t be painful if a 300km/h shuttle hits you. Always keep your eyes opened and be ready to strike back.
  • Don’t give your opponent a chance smash twice! When your opponent smashes, do not return a high shot. Use minimum strength and aim for the shuttle to drop at the front area of your opponent’s court, with the shuttle passing right above the net.

This prevents the attacker from getting another chance to smash again!

IF you attempt to return a high lob, it won’t be a strong one. You won’t be able to return the smash if you’re not standing in a balanced position. Without a firm and balanced position, you will not be able to execute a strong badminton shot.”

Therefore, ALWAYS return a soft shot. Of course, this requires PRACTICE.

  • Practice, practice and PRACTICE!!


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