Badminton Stance

What’s a badminton stance?

It is the way you stand when retrieving certain shots from your opponent.  This may be your first time hearing of this term. So far I have not seen any online badminton resource that covers this topic. Let me know in the comments section below if you use a different term for this.   But I thought it’s good information to share with you especially if you want to improve your games.

Basically there’re 3 types of badminton stances, They are:

  • Attacking Stance
  • Defensive Stance
  • Net Stance

Using the correct stance to retrieve your opponent’s shots will definitely give you an advantage in a rally.

1. Attacking Stance

You’ll need to use this stance whenever you hit an overhead forehand stroke.

To get into the attacking stance,

  • Turn your body facing the side of the court.
  • Place your racket leg behind; your non-racket leg forward.
  • Both legs should be shoulder width apart.
  • Raise your racket and non-racket arm

Hitting forehand strokes via the attacking stance enables you to hit powerful shots. It also enables you to recover quickly after you perform your shot.

When to use?

Whenever your opponent lifts or clear the shuttle high up to you, move towards the shuttle and adopt the attacking stance.

2. Defensive stance

The key to strong defense is to retrieve your opponent’s smash via the defensive stance.

To get into the defensive stance,

  • Face your body to the front of the court.
  • Place your racket in front of you, around waist height, and pointing slightly forward.
  • Raise your non-racket arm for better balance.

When you’re on a defensive stance, you can cover wider angles.
For example, you’ll find it a lot
easier to retrieve smashes hit to your body, left hand side, or right hand side.

When to use?

Whenever you hit a High Clear or perform a High Serve, move to your base position and adopt the defensive stance. Ideally, you want to be at your base position before your opponent hits the attacking shot.

Just in case you want more, here’s a page on badminton defense.

3. Net Stance

The net stance enables you to take the shuttle at the highest point when you’re at the net.  When exchanging net shots, every millisecond counts! So make sure you take the shuttle as early as possible.

To get into the net stance,

  • Place your racket foot forward; non-racket foot at the back.
  • Place your racket in front of your body, slightly above waist height.
  • Raise your non-racket arm for body balance.
  • Place your body weight slightly forward and get ready to pounce forward.

When to use?

Normally the only time you need to adopt the net stance is after you perform a Tumbling Net Shot.

Your body’s posture will naturally be on the badminton net stance after you hit the tumbling net shot. So STAY THERE and be ready to pounce forward to perform the net kill if your opponent hits a net shot.

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