How To Play Badminton

Are you a beginner in learning how to play badminton? Or do you already know how to play badminton but want to improve your skills and play like a professional?

If YES is your answer, then this site will provide you with all the badminton information you need to achieve your goals.

It is easy to become a good badminton player but it is not easy to become a professional. Since you are here reading this, I’ll assume that you want to improve your badminton skills and perhaps become the badminton pro among your mates.

Whether you’re aiming to be a pro or just want to play badminton for recreation or leisure, this site is for you. You’ll find information on badminton basics as well as many little tips that differentiate you from a beginner and an experienced player.

What’s the secret?

There are NO SECRETS. However you must have proper knowledge on how to play badminton and train… train… train… in order to become THE PRO.

It’s true, you do not need to learn the best and latest “pro techniques” to play like a pro. All you need is to know how to play correctly and then train your badminton basics CORRECTLY. Trust me; you will be THE winner when you master some very BASIC badminton techniques.

This is a FREE guide on how to play badminton. Right here you will find:

  • The very basics for a beginner. Learn how to grip and swing the racquet and more.
  • How to correctly perform badminton techniques. Learn how to serve, lob (high hit), drop and smash correctly as well as perform effective backhands and footwork.
  • The latest badminton rules. Understand the latest scoring system, in/out rules, the size and layout of the badminton court and fouls to improve your game.
  • Reviews on the world’s top badminton players. Learn how world players become world players.
  • Advice on badminton equipments that suit you. Choose your badminton equipment according to your needs and make sure they are REALLY for you.
  • Latest Badminton Tips. These are tips based on my personal experience and observations over the years that I would like to share with you all. Would you like to share your knowledge about how to play badminton?

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