Badminton Net Lift


Defensive Badminton Net Lift

Level Beginner/Intermediate
Type Defensive
Pre-requisite Badminton Underarm Clear


The badminton net lift is simply an underarm clear performed VERY CLOSE to the net.

The objective of this shot is to clear the shuttle all the way to your opponent’s baseline.

badminton net lift angle

The picture above shows the flight trajectory for this technique. Since it’s done so closely to the badminton net, hit the shuttle high up so that it doesn’t hit the net.

It’s very important that you’re able to perform a good lift because if you don’t send the shuttle to the very back of the court, your opponent will have the chance to do a smash from the middle of the court!

If a smash is performed from the center of the court, it’ll be hard for you to defend it! Your opponent will have many choices in terms of angles for smashing. There’s a very low chance of you responding to that kind of fast shots.

Also, you’ll need to control the strength during the badminton net lift. If it’s too weak, your opponent will be able to do a half-court smash. If it’s too strong, it will send the shuttle out of the court!

When to use the Net Lift?

The net lift is performed when your opponent hits a VERY GOOD net shot (tumbling/spinning net shot).

Sometimes when the quality of your opponent’s spinning net shot is so good, you don’t get the chance to perform

the net kill or return another quality tumbling/spinning net shot.

Therefore, it’s best to use the defensive badminton net lift.


The technique to perform the net lift is similar to the technique to perform the underarm clear.

Since the net lift is performed so closely to the badminton net, you MUST hit the shuttle in a way that it flies high up and lands at your opponent’s baseline. If you don’t, the shuttle will hit the badminton net.

Therefore, you should make some adjustments in the swing direction of your racket (swing upwards and slightly forward) and the amount of strength to insert into your swing.

The pictures below shows you the stroke technique to perform the badminton net lift with both the underarm forehand and backhand stroke.

Visit the links below to learn how to perform the strokes for this technique:

  1. Badminton Underarm Forehand Stroke
  2. Badminton Underarm Backhand Stroke

badminton net lift

From a ready position, move towards the net and position yourself to perform the net lift. Use the forehand grip for the underarm forehand stroke. Use the backhand grip for the underarm backhand stroke.

badminton net lift

Preload (start accumulating power for your swing). Loosen your muscles. do not grip your racket too tightly.

badminton net lift

Take the shuttle at the highest point possible. However, DO NOT hit the shuttle until it stops spinning.

Perform a big swing motion (bigger swing compared to the underarm clears). You’ll also need to exert more strength into your stroke to hit the shuttle high up and all the way back to the baseline.

badminton net lift

Allow your racket to follow through after you make contact with the shuttle.

Important Tips/Advice

  1. If your opponent manages to perform a very good quality spinning net shot, a net kill is not possible for you. Try not to return a spinning net shot back to him because he would probably be waiting to do the net kill. Perform the defensive net lift to be safe.
  2. Control the power of your stroke to avoid the shuttle landing at the center of your opponent’s court or outside the the court.
  3. DO NOT hit the shuttle if it’s still spinning. Wait for it to stop spinning. Hit it only when the shuttlecock is pointing downwards.
  4. Perform a bigger underarm swing motion compared to the underarm swings you perform for the underarm clears.

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