Badminton Net Kill


Badminton Net Kill

Level Intermediate/Advanced
Type Offensive
Pre-requisite Badminton Net Play


A badminton net kill simply means hitting the shuttle at the net area downwards to your opponent’s court.

A net kill is NOT a badminton smash.

The net kill is much faster to execute and does not require much preloading time compared to the classic badminton smash.

The technique to perform the badminton smash requires longer preparation and preloading time. Hence, it’ll be too slow to perform the classic smash around the net area.

Therefore you use the NET KILL technique once an opportunity arises around the net.

badminton net kill angle

The picture above shows you how a net kill will look like.

When To Do a Net Kill?

Usually a badminton net kill is performed when your opponent returns a weak net shot.

A weak net shot means that the shuttle flies/tumbles high across the badminton net.

When such an opportunity arises, dash forward to perform the net kill!

How to Strike Fast

In order to perform a good net kill, you must be able to react fast and strike the shuttle at the highest point possible.

Below are few pointers to assist you to strike swiftly.

  • Badminton net stance: Every time after you perform a tumbling net shot, retreat slightly backwards until you’re standing approximately ON the service line and adopt the net stance.The net stance enables you to perform the net kill swiftly. If your opponent mistakenly returns a weak net shot, DASH FORWARD and sweep the shuttle downwards.
  • Position your racket: Position the racket in front of your body when you’re waiting for a weak net return.
  • Non-racket arm: Use of your non-racket arm to maintain body balance. Sometimes when you dash forward too quickly, you might lose body balance, which is not good.Extend your non-racket arm slightly to balance yourself when you perform the net kill technique.

There are many ways where you can do a net kill after a net shot.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to perform the badminton net kill after you hit a tumbling net shot.

The opportunity to do a net kill arises when your opponent returns a weak tumbling net shot.


This tutorial shows you the badminton net kill using the forehand and the backhand.

1. Preloading Phase (Phase to Accumulate Power for the Shot)

badminton net kill

Right after you perform a tumbling net shot, DO NOT return to the centre of the court. Stay at that position (the badminton net stance) and retreat slightly backwards to the service line.

Make sure your racket is positioned in front of you so that you’re always ready to quickly dash forward to perform the kill.

Adopt the badminton forehand grip for a forehand kill and the backhand grip for the backhand kill.

2. Execution

badminton net kill

Relax your muscles. Avoid getting too tensed. When you’re tensed up, you’re less able to perform the motion fast as you’re muscle are stiff.

When you see the opportunity to do the kill, dash forward while raising your racket arm to the height where you’re going to do the kill.

Bend your arm slightly (don’t keep it too straight). Remember not to tense your arm muscles.

Take the shuttle AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE or at the HIGHEST POINT for a steep angle.

However, be familiar with the possible faults that you can commit around the net area. Take the shuttle only after the shuttle flies across to your side of the court.

Make sure your racket doesn’t touch the net when you do your swing. See badminton fouls for more information.

badminton net kill

Perform a soft swing smoothly (see picture above). GENTLY flick your wrist to direct the shuttle across when you’re about to make contact with the shuttle.

The swing motion should be similar to sweeping your racket sideways.

For the badminton forehand kill, you sweep your racket from your forehand towards your backhand side.

For the badminton backhand kill, sweep your racket from your backhand towards your forehand side.

It’s important NOT to perform a strong swing or a strong flick with your wrist. Also, a maximum swing motion or strong wrist flick is NOT required. Since you’re required to strike fast, there’s not enough time for a maximum swing.

badminton net kill

Allow the racket to follow-through a little after you make contact with the shuttle.

badminton net kill

Important Tips/Advice

  1. React fast. The KEY is to be able to strike fast.
  2. Use the badminton net stance after you performed a tumbling net shot. This allows you to quickly dash forward once an opportunity arises.
  3. Take the shuttle at the highest point possible. Take the shuttle IMMEDIATELY after it passes to your side of the court.
  4. Avoid fouls. make sure you hit the shuttle only after it fly passes the net to your side and also make sure your racket doesn’t touch the net.
  5. The badminton net kill is not a smash! DO NOT perform a full swing or rotate your wrist. It will be too slow if you do so.
  6. Allow a short follow-through. This allows more natural movement and maintains your body balance.
  7. Use of your non-racket arm to help maintain body balance.

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