Badminton Underarm Forehand Stroke

The badminton underarm forehand stroke is performed when you take a shuttle in front of you (normally when your opponent hits a drop shot to you).

It’s fairly easy to inject power into underarm strokes (compared to overhead strokes). Therefore, you do not need to worry about failing to generate the sufficient strength into your underarm strokes.

Power of the Underarm Forehand

  • Swing Motion:
    The correct badminton underarm forehand swing pattern is important if you want to hit quality badminton shots and maintain good body balance. This stroke does not require a lot of strength. Since underarm strokes are usually performed at the front of the court, not much strength is needed to perform a baseline clear (hitting the shuttle to the back of the court). Therefore, a gentle swing motion, combined with correct technique, is all that is needed to produce a quality shot
  • Wrist Action: Your wrist action plays an important role in contributing to the power in your badminton underarm forehand. GENTLY flick your wrist towards the direction you want the shuttle to fly
  • Gripping: It’s important that you use the forehand grip to perform an underarm forehand stroke. Make sure you do not hold your racket too tightly or you’ll limit the movement of your wrist.


1. Preparation Phase

From a ready position, lunge forward to your forehand area with your dominant leg (see picture above).

2. Pre-loading Phase (Accumulating Power for Your Stroke)

As you lunge forward, raise your racket to the height where you’re going to hit the shuttle. When you’re about to commence your swing motion, your dominant leg should be at the front, supporting your body weight.

Be at the position (similar to the picture above) when you’re about to perform your underarm forehand stroke.

At this point, you’re preloaded to perform the badminton underarm forehand.

3. Execution

Commence your underarm swing. Your swing should be 1 smooth motion until your racket is swung upwards.

As you’re about to hit the shuttle, flick your wrist to generate power. However, only perform a gentle flick of your wrist or else you might hit the shuttle the shuttle long (outside your opponent’s baseline).

In the picture above, the underarm stroke has already commenced but yet to make contact with the shuttle. Take note of the position of the wrist as it’s important for performing the correct wrist action.

As you hit the shuttle, bend your body slightly forward to make sure you maintain body balance (especially when you lunge very far forward).

After you hit the shuttle, allow your racket to FOLLOW THROUGH. Continue your swing motion even after you hit the shuttle . This does not help with power, but enables a better quality flight trajectory of the shuttle. Besides, following through after hitting the shuttle increases the accuracy of your shot. Notice the wrist rotation in the picture.

Important Tips/Advice

  • DO NOT exert too much strength into your underarm forehand stroke. Gently perform an underarm swing using the correct technique!
  • Adopt the badminton forehand grip. Also, DO NOT grip your racket too tightly so that your wrist is flexible to mobilize.
  • FOLLOW THROUGH with your swing, even after hitting the shuttle. This is important to create a better quality flight trajectory of the shuttle.
  • If you realise that you’re losing body balance as you lunge forward, slightly bend forward when you make contact with the shuttle.

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