Tips to Choose Good Badminton Apparel and Clothing

You can wear any badminton apparel as long as you feel comfortable in it.

Below are tips on how to choose your badminton clothing.

There are a few things to consider when choosing clothing for your badminton sessions. The factors are listed below.

Quick Drying

Look for clothing with materials that has a quick dry function. This will absorb your sweat throughout your game and then dry quickly. This helps your shirt from getting too drenched in sweat.

If your badminton clothing is not “quick-dry”, it will get too heavy as too much sweat is being absorbed.

This affects your performance, especially in terms of speed!

Clothing made from quick drying material is important to ensure you maintain maximum comfort during your badminton game.

Polyester is an excellent material for badminton apparel because it’s quick dry and light.

Light Weight

Badminton is one of the fastest racquet sports. You’ll need light weight badminton apparel to maximise your speed on the badminton court.

Therefore, wear clothing that is light. This way, you won’t feel restricted by the weight of your shirt and your speed won’t be affected too much.

Again, polyester is excellent for this purpose.

Colour (for Hot Weather)

If you’re residing in countries with hot weathers like Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand, try getting light coloured clothes for your badminton sessions.

Light coloured clothing reflects heat while dark coloured clothing absorbs heat.

Sometimes I get very hot and uncomfortable when playing badminton in a very hot afternoon (especially with black coloured clothing!). Therefore, opt for light coloured clothes during hot weathers, it definitely helps.

Best Fit

I’m sure you won’t want to wear tight clothing while playing badminton. It restricts your movement and flexibility. On the other hand, loose clothing gets uncomfortable with increased wind resistance.

Since badminton is a game of speed and flexibility, choose good fitting clothes. Go for something that you’ll feel comfortable with, especially when you stretch.

Sleeve or sleeveless?

Usually the main reason you go for sleeveless shirts is to enhance your arm movement (provides more flexibility in movement).

But some badminton players nowadays wear badminton shirts with sleeves on the non-racquet arm and sleeveless ONLY on their racquet arm!

So should you choose sleeves or sleeveless? It’s entirely up to you!

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