Who is Your Badminton Champion?

What exactly is a “badminton champion”?

Before I tell you about my champion, let me briefly explain the general classification of a champion in badminton.

Champion in the World of Badminton

A badminton champion should win at least one of the most recognized tournaments in the world of badminton. They are:

  • The Olympics (earning the title Olympic Champion)
  • Badminton World Championships (earning the title World Champion)

Badminton fans and supporters give a lot of credit to any player who wins the 2 events (Olympics or World Championships).

However, people pay more attention to Olympic gold medallists. This means
that most people consider Olympic gold medallists as true champions.

My Badminton Champion

I’m sure everyone has their own champion in mind. Your champion does not need to be famous or popular. He or she can be your team mate or your coach who taught you everything about badminton.

I think Lee Chong Wei is a true champion…

Earlier I mentioned that a champion in badminton needs to win the Olympic or World Championships tournament.

Lee Chong Wei does not have a gold in those prestigious tournaments. He made it to the finals of the 2008 and 2012 Olympics, and the 2011 BWF World Championship. In all occasions, he lost to his lifetime nemesis, Lin Dan.

However, I think Lee Chong Wei is a champion because he:

  • Never gives up. He constantly improves himself despite his countless defeat to Lin Dan.
  • Respects the sport. He is a strong supporter of the Super Series events. Lee Chong Wei has the highest attendance in the Super Series since 2007. Without him, the Super Series might not be as interesting to watch.
  • Never disappoints. Lee Chong Wei delivers consistent performance over the years; which is why he maintained his world no.1 rank for a significantly long time.

There are many things we can learn from Lee Chong Wei.

Everyone has a Champion

Some national players decided to share who their favorite player is.

Boonsak Ponsana (Thailand) said:

‘Peter Gade is my favorite player’

Terry Yeo (Singapore) said:

‘Lee Yong-dae. Because he is very young and he has already achieved a lot at his age.’

Priscilla Lun (USA) said:

‘Tony Gunawan because I like the way he plays and his badminton skills.
However, I like him mostly because he is very aggressive and offensive.’

Arvind Baht (India) said:

‘Taufik Hidayat. Everything about his badminton skills is good. He has the best backhand.’

Who is Your Badminton Champion?

Do you have a champion to share?

Let me know in the comments box below. Even if it’s just a short description, I’m interested to know 🙂

Keep in mind that your champion does not need to be a popular star or a player with international standards. He or she can be:

  • Someone who taught you badminton
  • A badminton player in your local club which you admire
  • Your student (if you are a coach)
  • Anyone!

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