Who is the Best Badminton Player of All Time?

It is often difficult to tell who the best badminton player is. Today, Lee Chong Wei could have beaten Peter Gade… but can the current Lee Chong Wei beat Peter Gade when Gade was in his mid 20s?

Many have seen Taufik Hidayat’s backhand “magic”. But nowadays he hardly does those kind of backhand shots.

Why? We all know it’s because he is near retirement and lacks the competitive edge in speed against the younger players. Thus he does not have the speed to get to the shuttle early enough to perform his backhand “magic”.

We are interested to know who you think is the best player of all time (assuming the players compete with each other at their peak).

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Other Visitors’ Opinions on Their Favourite Player

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Lee Chong Wei 
He is a very good players.Though he always defeated by Lin Dan,he always still the best players in the world. Lin Dan is still number two because he participated …

Lee Chong Wei 
1)Gliding in the court.
2)Superb men singles defense.
3)Beautiful net shot.
4)Deceiving cross-court net shot.
5)Beautiful slicing drop shot.
6)Smashes …

Lin Dan  
1)Beautiful footwork.
2)Beautiful Clears.
3)Great timing of injection of pace.
4)Power smash and accuracy.
5)Good tactical play.
6)Good in forcing …

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