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This quick page is a special announcement for anyone who runs their own website or blog, or anyone who makes their own product. It’s a very important issue for those who do business online and we’re spreading the word, so please read on …

If you do business online, you may already be aware of how recent changes are making it harder and harder for folks to monetize their online businesses. What I’m referring to is diminishing 3rd party monetization opportunities. For example, increased advertising expense means a decrease in advertisers and less advertising income for publishers. Taxation and other changes mean fewer affiliate programs and lowered commissions. More websites and blogs mean increased competition and fewer opportunities to make sales.

In fact, it’s becoming a well-known fact that in order to monetize well in today’s economic climate, you better have your own product or service to sell. Otherwise, you stand a good chance of being at a distinct disadvantage as the online climate changes and the big players grasp for more and more market share and it could make your business vulnerable. 


Before you begin to think that monetizing your site may be looking like an unsolvable puzzle, please take heart because a brand-new solution has just hit the Internet. It’s called Trafeze and it intends to bridge the gap between webmasters and failing monetization models. 

“What solopreneur (“soloP” for short), who has a product or service to sell, does NOT want to sell more of it, assuming very little effort AND at a better reward/price ratio?” says Ken Evoy, founder of SiteSell, maker of Trafeze.

“Trafeze cuts out the middle-man and facilitates a more personal way of doing business,” Ken continues. “It empowers traffic sellers (webmasters). It gives both parties more confidence in each other, because they’ve both been screened by Trafeze.”

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What It Does

The way it works is very simple. Webmasters or bloggers who sign up for Trafeze will fill out their profile, describing their site(s) and information on their social media networks. The system will determine qualification based upon amount of traffic and size of social media presence. Then, it will match up their site(s) with product sellers looking for people to do business with. If, the site doesn’t qualify, the webmaster will get a message to that affect and will be notified once it does qualify.

It’s a very easy, powerful way to get products to sell on your site without having to deal with customers. Folks may even be able to break free from ad networks who take larger and larger cuts of ad revenue, making it a losing a proposition over time.

Share The Good News

Trafeze is being rolled out in phases, to ensure there is enough interest and support to continue development. If there aren’t enough sign ups, development will cease.  But any webmaster or blogger who wishes to show their support is welcome to do so. If you’re interested, go to and input your information. Once the platform is open to the public, you will receive a notice that the next phase has been launched. 

Don’t hesitate to spread the word. This is something every webmaster, blogger and product maker can use. It’s free and they are going to want to know!

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