Why should we start a badminton game with a serve?

by Lucy


Question: Why should we start a badminton game with a serve?

Hi Lucy, thank you for your question.

A badminton serve is simply a badminton shot you make to start a rally.

It is the first ‘badminton shot’ to start a rally.

We start a game with a serve ensure a fair game between the server and the receiver.

Why are there strict serving rules in badminton?

It’s to prevent people from starting a rally by smashing right at the start of the game. Unlike tennis serve, if a player starts a rally by tossing the shuttle up and smashing it, there is no way the opponent can defend it.

If the badminton serve is not governed by rules, it will not be fair for the receiver.

If there are no rules, a server can:

  • Move to the front of the court
  • Toss the shuttlecock high up (like a tennis serve)
  • Perform a powerful smash downwards

There will be no way to defend it!

The purpose of the serving rules

Basically we perform the badminton serve because the badminton rules say so. There are also specific rules in performing the serve.

Click here to read the simple version of service fouls. It explains the important rules you should know in order to play a casual badminton game.

Click here if you’re interested to read the full list of the official serving rules. This will be more suitable for you if you want to conduct a tournament.

As mentioned above, the purpose of these service rules are to ensure fairness between the players.

In the event of a fair badminton game, a service should not appear like a badminton drive or a badminton smash.

The service rules prevent receivers from being disadvantaged. If fairness is practised in the badminton game, we can enjoy badminton even more.

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