Winning points and the rules of service

by Chinar


Question: Can receiver get a point if it is the opponents serve and he makes the fault?

Hi Chinar, thank you for your question.

Yes, the receiver will win the rally and get a point if the server commits a foul on the service.

Strictness in International Tournaments

In international badminton tournaments, the authorities are extremely strict on players committing service faults.

Therefore there will be a service judge positioned right at the side of the badminton court to look out for service faults.

Service Judge’s Call is Final

Players usually don’t realise themselves committing service faults.

Even in world class tournaments, players sometimes go into a dispute with the umpire, arguing that they did not commit a foul.

However, the call from the service is usually final because from point where the service judge sits, he/she is the only person that can clearly detect a service fault.

Sometimes international players won’t even be aware of themselves committing service faults.

Service Faults During Casual Games

If you’re playing with friends or just playing in a casual game, there will not be a service judge, unless you get someone to sit at the side of the court as the judge (which is unlikely).

Therefore you might really enter into some major dispute with your opponent if only one party thinks the other has committed a service fault.

After all, it’s just a casual game. There is no way to win the argument if there is no eye witness on the serve. The best solution is to re-play the rally.

Learn the Service Rules

If you think your opponent has committed a service fault, briefly explain to him/her the rules relating to the badminton serve.

Besides, a badminton low serve should NEVER appear like a badminton drive

If the low serve somehow appears to look like a drive, the server has probably committed a service fault.

You might want to keep this in mind and let your opponent know about it so that he/she will not try to perform the low serve that looks like a drive.

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