What are the rules of serving in a doubles game?




Can a server stand between side lines and serve in a double game?


Hi Sudhir, unfortunately no, a server must stand inside his/her rightful area to make a service (You may see badminton rules for doubles)

However, the server’s partner has the choice to stand anywhere on the badminton court including standing on the center line.

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Oct 15, 2015

doubles game

by: Marie L. Cramer

Playing doubles game in tennis is quite different compared to singles. The size of the court increases and the rules will change right from the point of serving. I will write my college term paper on the complete rules in my next post for sure. Be in touch.

Oct 02, 2015


by: Anonymous


Aug 15, 2011

Serving in doubles

by: John Lowe

As long as the server is standing within his service area which includes the side lines (without touching the lines with his feet), then he can serve legally in this way.

In reality though, if the server is standing wide (i.e. in the sidelines) it means that the server’s partner has a larger area to defend, so this is not commonly done, unless the purpose is to serve long to the center line of the receiving area.

This could force an error on the part of the receiver if he thinks the shuttle is going wide, but actually falls in – but on the other hand, the server must serve accurately.

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