How to play badminton deception?

by Ahijit Bakle

(Nasik, Maharashtra, India)

Question How to Play Badminton Deception?

Hi Ahijit, badminton deception is a very complicated skill to master. I’ll just mention briefly here on how to play deception.

There are many different ways where you can deceive your opponents in badminton.

The common one is where you hold the shuttle at its position for a while and hit it when it lands low.

In order to do this, you must be able to reach the shuttle as early as possible, let your racket follow the shuttle for awhile, then flick your racket towards the direction you want the shuttle to land.

Click here to watch an example of this type of badminton deception.

A more difficult deception involves you deceiving your opponent with your body movement.

Again, you must be able to reach to the shuttle as early as possible. This is usually done around the net area.

Give your opponent the impression that you’re going to engage in net play. When your opponent is coming towards the net, use the flick of your wrist to direct the shuttle to your opponent’s baseline.

Watch an example here.

In order to play deception you MUST have extremely good basics. This skill involves a lot of precision and creativity.

Usually if you have strong and solid badminton basics, you will naturally develop your own ways to deceive your opponents.

Therefore the key here is to master and polish your basics.

When your mind can passively instruct your body to perform good and quality basic shots, your mind will then be able to actively think of creative ways for you to play deception during your badminton game.

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