Can I use a twisted racquet to play badminton?

by Anonymous

(Quebeq, Canada)

Question: Can we play badminton with a twisted badminton racquet?

Hi there, thanks for asking us a question.

I assume you mean using a distorted racket frame.

There is probably a crack somewhere around the frame of your racket head.

I wouldn’t advise you to play with a twisted/distorted racket.

Firstly you will not perform well.

More importantly, your racket might break and you might also injure yourself. If you’re playing doubles you might also risk injuring your partner.

As you continue to hit shuttles with your distorted racket, there will be even more pressure on the racket frame. This will cause the racket to become even more distorted.

My advice will be to cut the strings on your racket once you discover a crack on the racket frame. A small crack can sometimes be repaired.

If you leave the strings on, the string tension will distort the shape of your racket further and the crack becomes bigger.

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