What is fair play in badminton?

by Anisa Rehman

(Bradford, UK, England)

Question: What is fair play in badminton? (Explain in detail)


Hello Anisa and thank you for your question.

Your inquiry in terms of fair play can be very broad.

Casual Badminton Sessions

In casual badminton games, fair play refers to players being honest in admitting that the shuttle has landed inside or outside the court boundaries.

In a casual game, there are often ‘blind spots’ to judge whether one has committed a fault or service fault and whether the shuttle has landed INSIDE or OUTSIDE.

The best solution in this unsure situation will be to replay the rally.

Fair Play in Official Tournaments

In official tournaments, these problem are less likely to arise as there will be officials who are responsible in ensuring a fair badminton game is being played.

However, some players tend to use certain medication to enhance their sports performance during official tournaments.

These actions are strictly prohibited in every badminton tournament.

Every badminton organization disallows the use of performance enhancing drugs.

The common term used by these sports organization is ‘anti doping’.

They have certain rules and regulations for the use of drugs in which you can have a look at the official Badminton World Federation website.

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