Is the game of doubles a faster or slower game than singles? Why?

by Ana

(Texas, United States)

Question: Is the game of doubles a faster or slower game than singles? Why?

In badminton doubles, the game tempo is definitely higher than the game tempo in singles.

Why the tempo of a doubles game is higher

In doubles, there will be 2 players in a team working to return the shuttle in a doubles game.

This makes the game faster because the players do not have to travel far to return the shuttle.

For example in doubles, when you are positioned at the baseline area, you don’t have take many steps to smash if your opponent performs a high clear.

A doubles player can get to the shuttle quicker since they don’t have to move as much as a singles player. This allows them time to produce high quality smashes.

Therefore smashes are more commonly seen in badminton doubles.

With more smashes and returns of smashes, the game for badminton doubles will naturally be faster than badminton singles.

Why it’s slower in singles…

As for singles, one person has to cover the whole court.

This means that most of the time, you will need to position yourself in the middle of the court.

If your opponent hits the shuttle to any of the 4 corners of the court, you will have to travel further to reach the shuttle.

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