Is it possible to play badminton outdoors?

by Roberto S Zancaner

(Bauru, Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Question: Hi, I would like to know whether it is possible to play badminton outdoors. How to cope with a mild breeze every now and then? A heavier shuttle? Do the manufacturers manufacture them or do I have to add the additional weight myself? Thank you.

Hi Roberto, thanks for asking us a question.

This is in fact a very good question. I received news saying that badminton will officially become an outdoor sport after 2016.

Unfortunately, badminton is an indoor sport at the moment. There are no heavier shuttles where you can buy. If you add weight to the shuttlecock, it will probably not fly.

So there is really no way to enjoy a professional game of badminton outdoors.

Perhaps you can try setting up a court in an enclosed area where the breeze will be blocked from getting through. You should also wear sunglasses when the sun is too glaring.

Anyway, outdoor badminton is fun and challenging when you have to chase the shuttlecock along with the breeze.

That’s the only thing that you can do for the moment to cope with the occasional breeze. At the moment, there aren’t any facilities or equipments to enable us to play professional badminton outdoors.

We’ll just have to wait till 2016 to see if manufacturers will aim to create new shuttles for outdoor badminton.

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Sep 05, 2012

in outdoor

by: bharath(mail id- [email protected])

We can play badminton in outdoors, we have the shuttle cocks that are used to play in outdoors not same as indoors cocks these cocks are little bit weight, we are playing badminton in outdoors from past 4 years.

It is difficult to play badminton in mornings but we can play in night time with the help of lights.

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