Is doubles more physically challenging these days than singles?

by Peter


Question: Is doubles more physically challenging these days than singles?

Hi Peter, thanks for your question.

Different people will have different answers to your question. However, I personally think that badminton singles is more challenging, physically.


In singles, you’ll definitely need more stamina to run around the court for good court coverage.

Badminton singles at the advanced level is definitely more demanding, in the sense that it is played at a higher pace.

Not only will you need to run faster, you’ll probably need to dive to retrieve smashes at the sidelines.

Diving isn’t exactly a big problem, but diving to retrieve the shuttle and quickly moving back to your base requires a lot of stamina and physical strength.


In doubles, the smasher or attacker (the person standing behind) has the most tiring role. The person standing at the back is usually required to hit consecutive smashes.

However, one can always swap roles with his partner for the attacking role (there are a few common tactical strategies in a badminton doubles formation).


To support my opinion, in international level badminton, singles players usually retire at the age of 30 due to the decrease in fitness level.

On the other hand, international doubles players still stand high chances to win major badminton titles even after 30 years of age.

Well this is my personal opinion in regards to your question.

Others might have a different opinion on this.

Whoever has a different opinion please feel free to drop a comment below.

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