What can players take a break for?

by Shane Windsor


Question: What can players take breaks for?

In official badminton tournaments such as the Super Series tournaments, Grand Prix and World Championships, the umpire will call for a couple of breaks during a match.

Basically there are 2 official breaks during a badminton match:

  • Mid-game interval break (1 minute)
  • End of Game Break (2 minutes)

Badminton players use this break time to strategize their tactics, towel down, rehydrate, or/and change shirts. The players’ coaches are allowed to walk towards their players and discuss tactics with them.

During an intense match, players tend to dive to retrieve shots, lie on the court due to fatigue or celebration. Their perspiration from their body makes the court’s surface slippery.

The umpire uses this time to make a call to mop the badminton court. This is to prevent players from slipping or injuring themselves.

Mid Game Interval Break

The mid game interval constitutes a one minute official break. There is only ONE mid game interval break in a badminton game.

As soon as a player obtains 11 rally points, the mid-game interval break will be called by the umpire.

End of Game Break

The end of game break runs for 2 minutes.

Players/pairs will take a 2-minute break as soon as a badminton game finishes (according to the official badminton scoring rules)

During Casual Games

During your casual badminton games, mid game intervals are NOT required and we usually don’t take a break during the middle of the game.

However, it is highly recommended that you take a short break after you finish a badminton game.

You should use this time to rehydrate (drink water) and towel down (if required).

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