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Are different weights and grip sizes availbale for a certain badminton racket? 
Question: I want to know whether the same racket can be available in 2 different weights and grip sizes. For example, Yonex Nanospeed is available in …

How to determine what string tension to use before stringing badminton rackets? 
Question : Racket – in which pressure I need to put string for Voltric 7?

Hi Karthik, thanks for asking us a question.

The Voltric 7 …

What are the recommended rackets for beginners? 
Question: Rackets: Can anyone recommend a good racket for a beginner that would be ideal to play competitive friendly matches with?

Hi …

What rackets are good for smashing? 
Question: I’m in the racket searching “mode” , but what type of rackets for better smash, balance, flex and weigh?

And, what is 4U-2G (number example)? …

How to choose the best badminton racket? 
Question: I want to be a badminton player so please tell me best academies in Punjab for training and racket which was best for me.

Hi …

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