What rackets are good for smashing?

by Aiman Akmal

(KK, Sabah, Malaysia)

Question: I’m in the racket searching “mode” , but what type of rackets for better smash, balance, flex and weigh?

And, what is 4U-2G (number example)? What is U-G?

Hi Aiman, thank you for asking us a question.

4U-2G simply means the weight of the racket followed by the size of the racket handle.

  • U indicates the weight of the racket
  • G indicates the size of the grip handle

Usually Yonex uses the term U and G to indicate weight and grip size respectively.

Racket weight

Racket models usually come in different weights (2U, 3U, and 4U) to suit different users.

2U: 90-94g
3U: 85-89g
4U: 80-84g

3U is the most common racket weight because most people are comfortable with the 3U weight.

Grip Size

The G4 is the smallest grip handle in the Yonex rackets range. Therefore 2G is considerably a large sized grip handle.

You should choose your racket handle size according to the size of your palm.

For example if you have a huge palm, go for the big grip handle. If you get the G4 for example, you will need to wrap a thicker replacement grip/overgrip over the racket handle.

This will increase the weight of the racket around the handle area; hence it will also affect the balance point of the racket (racket becomes more HEAD LIGHT).

Power Rackets

Since you’re looking for a racket that could help you smash harder, I would suggest a

  • head heavy racket
  • medium flex racket shaft

Badminton rackets with these specifications are power rackets.

In terms of whether to go for 2U, 3U or 4U, I would suggest that you hold the racket (unstrung; before you buy it) at the shop and perform a couple of gentle strokes.

Choose the specific weight only if you think you’re comfortable with.

In this case, a heavier racket doesn’t really mean you’ll be able to smash harder. The balance point (head heavy or head light) of the racket is the determinant of power.

Therefore, choose the weight that you’re most comfortable with!

However if you don’t have the opportunity to physically test the racket (if you order online), I suggest a 3U racket. Most people are using 3U and I think you shouldn’t find any problem with the 3U.

Strings and String Tension also Affects Your Power

Besides the badminton racket itself, the strings and string tension you use on your racket also determines the power of your racket.

Generally, you should use the badminton string and string tension according to your level and style of play.

You can learn from our guide on how to choose good badminton string.

You can also read our comprehensive guide on how to choose badminton rackets.


We are also currently working on building up a review section on our site. In a few months time, we will be reviewing various badminton rackets to help people make better purchasing decisions.

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