Guide on strings for durability and performance

by Deepak

(Solan, Himachal)

Question: I have a Yonex Carbonex 8000 plus. While playing today a string got broken which is something usual. Previously I was having Yonex BG-65 string, I’m thinking same this time too, but needs an expert advice to carry on! Please guide which strings should I go with for better durability and performance.

Hi Deepak, thanks for your question.

I’ll comment on Yonex badminton strings since you’ve been using a Yonex string.

The Yonex BG 65 is one of the most durable strings. However, it lacks repulsion power since it’s a 0.70mm string.

The Trade Off

Usually there is a trade off between durability and power when choosing a badminton string.

  • Thin strings (around 0.65mm) have MORE repulsion but are less durable
  • Thick strings (around 0.70mm) have LESS repulsion but are more durable

Should you choose thin or thick strings?

If you want more power in your game, such as smashing or putting less effort in your clears (lobs), go for thinner strings.

Thinner string such as the BG66 Ultimax and Nanogy 98 gives you great repulsion and a nice sound. However, they are less durable than the BG 65.

Since they are thin strings, they snap very easily, especially if you’re a hard hitter and if you do not hit the racket’s sweet spot.

This means you’ll need good technique; that is, being able to make contact with the sweet spot every time you hit the shuttle. This can make your thin strings last longer.


I personally love the BG66 Ultimax and Nanogy 98. However, they are more expensive and they lack durability.

Getting back to your question, I mentioned the 2 attributes, performance and durability when choosing strings.

BG80 Power

Since you’re looking for durability and performance, I suggest the BG80 Power.

It is one of the most expensive Yonex string, but it has a combination of durability and repulsion power.

The BG80 Power is

  • as durable as the BG65
  • has far more repulsion power than the BG65

The BG80 Power has a smaller sweet spot compared to other strings, but if you find no problem using the BG65, you should be alright with this.

BG68 Ti

If you want a cheaper string, go for the BG68 Ti. I am currently using this string. Compared to the BG80 Power, the BG 68 Ti:

  • Has equally good repulsion power
  • Gives you a better ‘feel’ as you hit the shuttlecock
  • Is cheaper than the BG80 Power, but more expensive than BG65

I am currently using the BG68 Ti and I find it very good for performance. Durability wise, it has lasted for almost 2 months (I play 2 to 3 sessions a week).

BG65 Ultimax

Strings that give you better performance (thin strings) are more expensive. Durable strings such as the BG65 are one of the cheapest strings.


It all depends on your budget.

BG80 Power
  • Most expensive choice.
  • Gives you maximum durability and repulsion
BG 68 Ti
  • Cheaper choice
  • Equally good repulsion power but less durable
BG 65 Ultimax
  • Least durable
  • Priced between the BG 68 Ti and BG 80 Power, but gives you maximum repulsion power and a nice hitting sound

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strings for durability and performance

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by: Atchuth

Hi i have Ashaway power platinum racket..

Pls suggest me a string.. I was using BG 68Ti string which lasted for few months.. Pls do adviseo on Gosen/ Li Ning/ Babloat/ Yonex or Ashaway strings..

I hit hard smashes and like bit durable string pls suggest me few options…

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