Can badminton shoes be used for casual wear?

by Yogavelan

(Ipoh, Malaysia)

Question: Can badminton shoes be used for casual wear? (I have a friend that usually does this and he says its fine… I have my doubts)

Hi Yogavelan, thanks for your question.

Badminton shoes can be worn as casual wear, but it may not be the most suitable.

I believe badminton shoes won’t damage your feet if you wear it for casual purposes.

However, badminton shoes WILL get damaged if you wear it out to the streets, especially on tar roads.

The soles of the shoes are designed for you to wear indoors. It does not provide good resistance against rough surfaces.

In the short term, the grip of the soles will wear out. In the longer term, and possibly the worst case scenario, the whole sole will fall off.

If you use your badminton shoes only for badminton games, it should be able to last a lot longer as compared to wearing it for both badminton and casual.

Some badminton shoes are relatively expensive. Brands that offer good badminton shoes such as Yonex, Asics, or Mizuno are quite expensive at its higher end range.

If you invested in good and high performance badminton shoes, I highly suggest you wear them only for badminton.

I personally use my badminton shoes for badminton only.

I won’t even wear put them on at home and then travel to the badminton court. I change my shoes only when I’m inside the badminton court.

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Feb 10, 2016


by: Anonymous

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