How to choose the best badminton racket?

by Roops Mittal


Question: I want to be a badminton player so please tell me best academies in Punjab for training and racket which was best for me.

Hi Roops,

When choosing your own badminton racket, first ask yourself whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player.

There are so many badminton racket brands out in the market with different technologies. Within a brand, there are also many rackets to suit different styles of play in badminton.

Have a look at our badminton rackets page for information on the basic specifications of a racket.

Choose a Racket That Suits YOUR Style of Play

It should be easier to choose a racket for beginners because they usually have yet to develop their own style of play.

After choosing a decent badminton racket, the player will get use to the racket and develop their style of play according depending on the racket

However, beginners should go for rackets that are ‘user friendly’. A user friendly racket simply means that you’ll feel comfortable with the racket when you first swing it.

Basically, if a beginner is able clear the shuttle from baseline to baseline, that racket is good enough. The attributes of such a racket are:

These attributes (medium balance point and medium flexibility) are perfect for generating power.

Beginners Should Go for Power Rackets

Basically a racket can be classified as a POWER or CONTROL racket.

A control racket has a heavier handle, whereas a power racket has a heavier head.

Beginners should go for a POWER racket. Power rackets have a slightly heavier head.

However, you shouldn’t go for a racket that is too head heavy. It will be extremely difficult to control your shots. Beginners might also hurt themselves with rackets that are too head heavy.

Take note that as you go for rackets with higher balance points (heavier racket heads), you’ll have more power in your shots but you’ll sacrifice CONTROL.

Medium Flexible Racket Shaft

From a beginner’s perspective, it’s more important to focus on hitting a baseline to baseline clear.

If you have already performed the correct technique to hit the badminton clear, but still find it difficult to hit the shuttle from baseline to baseline; consider having a more powerful racket.

A flexible racket shaft can help produce more power.

Take note that a flexible racket shaft offers you power, but at the same time, you’ll sacrifice PRECISION.

This means that you’ll have less accurate shots.

Badminton Academy in Punjab

Unfortunately we do not have information on local badminton academies in Punjab. We wish you all the best in looking for a good academy.

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Sidenote: If there is anyone reading this who knows about any academies in Punjab, please leave a comment below or leave a comment on our Facebook page. It would be greatly appreciated.

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