Yonex Denmark Open 2011 Mixed Doubles Semi Finals: Joachim Fischer/Christinna Pedersen v Zhang Nan/Zhao Yun Lei

Tournament Yonex Denmark Open 2011 Semi Finals (Super Series Premier)
Location Odense, Denmark
Date of Match 22 October 2011
Category Mixed Doubles

Watch the semi finals of Yonex Denmark Open 2011 where Denmark’s home favourite pair, Joachim Fischer and Christinna Pedersen took on the current Badminton World Champions Zhang Nan and Zhao Yun Lei of China (currently world no.1 mixed doubles pair).

Super Series Premier Event: A Tougher Match

The Yonex Denmark Open 2011 was an OSIM BWF World Super Series PREMIER event, which meant higher BWF ranking points and better prize money.

Joachim Fischer/Christinna Pedersen was the 2-time champions here at the Denmark Open.

However, with this year’s upgrade of the Yonex Denmark Open to a “Premier” event, the competition became more challenging!

The 2-time champions had to fight the best mixed doubles player to secure another championship for another home title.

Performance of the Players in this Match

The Danish pair had performed remarkably well this in year in 2011. They have been winning many major matches since their uproar in the Yonex Denmark Open 2011.

Joachim and Christinaa’s confidence soared after beating the world no.1 mixed doubles pair in this match.

However, the Dane’s victory was no easy job in this game. It dragged to 3 games to determine the winner.

The home crowd had been a great support to Joachim and Christinna.

The Chinese Pair Unable to Find a Spark

Zhang Nan/Zhao Yun Lei could not find their best form at the start of the game. On the other hand, Joachim/Christinna was dominating the game.

It seemed like the Chinese pair had no chance against the Danes. The Chinese were making a couple of unforced errors.

Besides that, the Chinese were returning poor quality shots. This gave the Danes an advantage to keep the attacking pressure on.

The Chinese played a very traditional mixed doubles tactic — the woman stayed at the front, then the man attacks from the back of the court.

The Danes forced Zhao Yun Lei to the back of the court and made her work hard from behind.

Unfortunately this tactic wasn’t very effective because Zhao Yun Lei was a good player from the back of the court.

The Danish Pair’s Strategic Play

Overall, the Danish pair played a very strategic game.

Joachim did not hesitate to move forward when attacking, while allowing Christinna to move behind and cover the rear court.

As a result, Joachim managed to successfully win significant amount of rally points.

The match ended at 21-12, 14-21, 22-20, where the Danish pair proceeded to the finals to meet the world no.2 mixed doubles pair, Xu Cheng and Ma Jin, also from China.

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