Match Wrap Up of the Yonex French Open 2011 Men’s Doubles Finals: Cai Yun &amp Fu Hai Feng vs Jung Jae Sung &amp Lee Yong Dae



Tournament Yonex French Open 2011 Final (Super Series)
Location Paris, France
Date of Match 30 October 2011
Category Men Doubles

This yonex french open 2011 men’s doubles finals will be a fight between Cai Yun/Fu Hai Feng from China and Jung Jae Sung/Lee Yong Dae from Korea.


Previous Encounters

This time, Jung/Lee made their THIRD consecutive win against Cai/Fu. Their winning momentum starts in the Li Ning Chin Masters 2011, followed by the Yonex Denmark Open 2011 last week.

Could the Koreans steal another victory in the finals of this Yonex French open 2011?

This thrilling match was fought in 3 games. The Chinese couldn’t afford to lose to the Koreans AGAIN.

On the other hand, Jung/Lee were very ambitious to defeat the no.1 Chinese badminton pair in the world.

The Match

In the first game, the Chinese came thundering in, sending a strong message to the Koreans that they would not be defeated again.

In the second and third games, Cai and Fu were making some very simple errors. Perhaps they became a little bit complacent after winning the first game.

Lee Yong Dae was a slow starter in this match. He couldn’t find his best form in the first game. His smashes were not as powerful and net shots were slightly inaccurate.

However, he eventually found his form. He became more comfortable with his smashes as he played on.

It’s amazing to see the determination of Lee Yong Dae. Despite difficulties finding his rhythm during play, he did not give up.

Paris Weather Affecting Shuttle Speed?

I observed that many players were producing rather powerful smashes.

An interesting comment by the commentator for the match, Jill Clark, was that the shuttle was flying very fast in Paris.

As such, we could see many shots flying pass the baseline. Perhaps the shuttlecock speed wasn’t suitable for the weather in Paris at that time. Click here to read on how weather and altitude affects the shuttlecock’s speed and how to choose the suitable shuttle speed for your region.

Not Giving In

No one wanted to give in. The match got forced into the rubber game (third game).

Fast and low shots (badminton drives) were exchanged as both pairs tried to force each other to lift the shuttle high up.

When one pair managed to force the high lift, quick attacks followed.

However, both sides defended so well it was like firing shots against a brick wall.

Towards the end, the rallies became longer. Both players wanted to win the Yonex French Open 2011 so badly!

The Chinese gave everything they had to end their losing streak against the Koreans, but to no avail. In the end, the Koreans won last 2 games.

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