Badminton World Championship 2011 Match Report – Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei

The fight between the 2 best players in the world just gets better and better each time they meet.

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Many people expected the Badminton World Championship 2011 men single’s final to be a classic Lee Chong Wei – Lin Dan match.

Unfortunately for the world number 1 Lee Chong Wei, luck seems to be his greatest enemy. Lin Dan managed to secure his 4th world champion title after beating Lee Chong Wei in a rubber game.

The score was 22-20, 21-14, 23-21. Yes, it was indeed a VERY CLOSE MATCH!

Chong Wei started off strong and won the first game, instilling the belief among Malaysians that a world champion title would be brought back to Malaysia. This hope was crushed in the last 2 sets.

I believe this world championship finals in London will have its mark in history. This is by far the most exciting Chong Wei – Lin Dan match ever. There was not only little unforced errors by both players, there were magical moments in the game.

We witnessed more attacks from Lee Chong Wei. In the past matches between these players, the pressure always came from Lin Dan. In this match, Chong Wei’s confident was more evident as Lee injected greater pace in his game this time, with jump smashes and attacking play.

Lin Dan was equally fast with his dangerous shots. He kept up with Chong Wei’s pace and ended up on top. Despite the many fast paced attacks by Lee, Lin Dan stayed calm and defended against the Malaysian’s attack.

Lee played some deceptive shots which were hardly seen in previous matches.

There were moments where these little tricks caught Lin Dan off guard. However, Lin Dan demonstrated what he was made off by absorbing all the pressure from Lee.

These 2 players are probably the best defenders in the world. In this match it took sheer class and quality to win a point against each other.

Many had high hopes on the Malaysian winning his first world championship title. Despite Lin Dan’s victory, Lee deserves credit too. Lee Chong Wei has undoubtedly improved his badminton skills over the years.

That’s what made this London match breath taking.

People are anticipating another Chong Wei – Lin Dan match at the very same venue. This time, the battle will be for the 2012 London Olympics Gold Medalist in Badminton. Be prepared for another thriller!

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