Yonex Denmark Open 2011 Men’s Doubles Finals: Cai Yun/Fu Hai Feng v Jung Jae Sung/Lee Yong Dae


Tournament Yonex Denmark Open 2011 final (Super Series Premier)
Location Odense, Denmark
Date 23 October 2011
Category Men’s Doubles


The men’s doubles final of the Yonex Denmark Open 2011 featured the repeat of the finals of the Li Ning China Masters 2011. The competition was between China’s Cai Yun/ Fu Hai Feng and Korea’s Jung Jae Sung/Lee Yong Dae.

In the China Masters, the Korean pair brought the title home.

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This time round, the Koreans triumphed once again. They took the final with 2 straight games, giving Jung and Lee 2 consecutive victories against Cai and Fu.

Cai and Fu were the world no.1 men doubles pair at the time this tournament.

The Chinese were determined to win this tournament, considering their last defeat in the hands of Jung and Lee. Fu was hitting producing powerful smashing throughout the game.

The fastest smash recorded in this game was 291 km per hour by Fu, which was the fastest smash hit in the Yonex Denmark Open 2011.

However, the Koreans had their own secret weapon!

I mentioned before in the China Masters 2011 match report regarding Lee Yong Dae’s recovery. After his recovery, he was producing more powerful shots than ever.

Notice Jung Jae Sung’s bandaged right leg. I’m guessing this was the reason for his absence in the Japan Open 2011. He had probably injured himself after the Li Ning China Masters 2011. Despite this, he was performing very well in the match.

Since the start of the game, both pairs were reluctant to lift the shuttle. Countless shots were exchanged at the front area of the courts.

They understood that lifting the shuttle high up to their opponents would impose a threat.

However both sides constantly placed attacking pressure on each other.

It was very interesting to watch how Jung/Lee and Cai/Fu penetrated their opponents’ defence in this match.

In the second game, the Chinese put up a really good fight but it was not enough.

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