Taufik Hidayat Press Conference

taufik hidayat interview

There was a mini press conference held right after Taufik’s match during Day 2 of the Maybank Malaysia Open 2012. The following are questions asked by all the reporters.

1. Do you still have confidence in winning a medal in the 2012 London Olympics?
First I will try to enter the Olympics. If I manage to qualify for the Olympics, my target will be to win a medal.

2. Who do you think your greatest opponent is?
Currently they are Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan and Chen Long. So far I think these are the strongest few. But in terms of my challenge in the Olympics, it will be difficult to say because there will be a lot of pressure during the Olympics. You’ll never predict who will actually win the Olympics based on historical performance because there are also many factors that you’ll need to consider. Pressure is one of it.

3. Who is your coach now?
Still the same one, Mulyo. My coach was always the same person. Even until I retire, he will still be the coach.

4. When are you planning to retire?
Anytime I want. Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next week perhaps? (Taufik jokingly said)

Anyway, there are still no good Indonesian singles players after me. Same goes for Malaysia. After Lee Chong Wei retires, I don’t think there is any Malaysian singles player who could make it through tournaments at the moment. This is the same for Indonesia.

5. Considering your performance last year, which area(s) do you think you need to improve to at least secure a medal at the 2012 London Olympics?
I’m actually still confident on my games for the Olympics.

6. How is your level of fitness affecting you as far as the 2012 Olympics is concerned? And how do you plan to maintain your stamina for the Olympic Games?

How about Peter Gade? He’s 34! In terms of maintaining my stamina, it’s difficult to explain. Everybody has different ways of maintaining their stamina. I want to ask Peter Gade how he maintains his level of fitness (Taufik jokingly said again).

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