Badminton Malaysia Open 2012 Round 2 Shocking News: Lin Dan’s Unexpected Knock Out by Jan O Jorgensen

There was a really shocking result in Round 2 of the Maybank Malaysia Open 2012. The legendary Lin Dan was knocked out by Jan O Jorgensen.

This was by far the most exciting match of the day because no one had expected the Dane to beat Lin Dan. Not even Jan O Jorgensen himself!

Tough Fight

Lin Dan certainly had a tough fight. “Super” Dan won the first game, which was what was expected of him.

Winning the Crowd’s Support

Then the game swung in favour for the Dane during the second game.

Jan fought hard and his determination won support from the Malaysian crowd. They supported him instead of world no.2 Lin Dan.

The crowd support boosted his level of confidence. In the second game, Jan was on fire and started to play at his best form.

The spectators were chanting his name!

Unexpected Result

The Dane then forced Lin Dan into a final rubber set.

As the momentum was still with the Dane, Jan O Jorgensen cemented his FIRST VICTORY over Lin Dan and will proceed to the quarter finals of the tournament.

The match ended 14-21, 21-15, 21-15.

We expected Lin Dan to evade the 2012 Malaysia Badminton Open finals again. He had been avoiding the finals during the previous years.

But we certainly didn’t expect him to fall in the second round of the tournament.

Lin Dan was expected to at least make it to the quarter or semi finals of the Maybank Malaysia Open 2012.

With Lin Dan’s shock defeat today, Lee Chong Wei is more likely to secure his Malaysian championship title at the final.

Post Match Comments from the Dane

From the Dane’s perspective, it was really worth celebrating.

Let’s hear it from Jan O Jorgensen at the press conference right after his match.

Discover why and how he managed to win the match against Lin Dan.

1. What is your comment on your game against Lin Dan?

Obviously this is my biggest win ever. I’m still feeling very emotional now. I was training very hard in December and I’m very happy that I can play at such a high level now given my heart condition (Jorgensen had inflammation in his heart valves last year).

Before Christmas in 2011, I was struggling with my qualification and I was not even in the top 16. The recent 2 tournaments, last week in the Korea Open and the Malaysian Open this week will certainly give me a big boost in terms of my BWF ranking points.

2. How did Lin Dan performed today compared to his previous games?

I have played with Lin Dan in China when he was at home. That time, he was fantastic. It was difficult to play around with him in China.

Last week in the Korea Open 2012, the circumstances were in favour of me mainly because the shuttles in the stadium were slightly slower and I had a good win against Chen Jin, although I ran a lot.

Today I do not have the same advantage and it will be totally a different game plan at the Malaysian Open this week. During my match against Lin Dan, my coach said to me that I have to raise my game and play more sharp shots, try to deceive Lin Dan, and try to get the win the initiatives to attack in the rallies.

Lin Dan had played a lot of tournaments recently. This is actually one of my advantages against him because recently, I haven’t been playing badminton at all due to my heart problems while Lin Dan is probably tired after playing so many rounds of tournaments especially at the end of last year.

Therefore I have the strength power, and stamina compared to all other players (since he’s rested long enough). I am ready to give those players a hard time!

3. What do you think of next match at the Quarter Finals of the Maybank Malaysia Open 2012?

I haven’t looked that far into the tournament. I don’t even know who my opponent is.

A journalist tells him that he will face Chen Jin.

At the first round when I saw that I had to play against Du Peng Yu of China, I knew it’s going to be a hard game. Then if I manage to get through I will face Lin Dan. If I manage to beat Lin Dan it will definitely be a ‘dream come true’ to me. I think Lin Dan is the best badminton player in the world ever and it is such an honour for me to win him today.

4. Do you think that Lin Dan was in his best form today?

Certainly NOT. I mentioned before that he had been playing many tournaments lately and therefore he’s tired.

Peter Gade has also been playing a lot and is struggling. Therefore Peter also didn’t manage to through to the quarter finals.

Chong Wei was struggling before Christmas last year. But I haven’t been playing lately, so this is my winning advantage.

5. How’s your heart condition now?

It’s beating right now so… (he jokes).

It should be fine. I am still running some tests and I will be going for a test at home straight after this tournament.

Sometimes my heart makes a double beat and then it takes a break. It feels pretty scary but I’m getting used to it right now.

At the Denmark Open when I got my problems, I was thinking of giving up the sport. When you get a problem like this, you’ll think that it’s quite a serious problem and it’s not like you broken a finger.

I want to be able to play some golf and go for a walk when I reach 50. I want to live a long life. When you think about these things and take your long term life objectives into consideration, it’s difficult to go on playing the high intensity sport with my current heart condition.

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