Special Events for Spectators at the Maybank Malaysia Open 2012

The title sponsor for the Malaysia Badminton Open 2012 this year, Maybank, organised a couple of interesting events for the spectators.

These special events are held outside of the stadium hall at Putra Stadium.

If your favourite player(s) are not playing at the moment and you want to go out to get some fresh air, make sure you don’t miss these special events!

It is certainly worthwhile to have some fun while you’re outside the stadium hall.

Test Your Smash Speed: Smash Against Tan Boon Heong

No, you’re not going to get to smash to Tan Boon Heong!

You’re going to compete against his record. This event invites you to smash the shuttlecock as hard as you can to check out your maximum shuttle speed.

The reason for the title of this event is because Tan Boon Heong is the world record holder to execute the fastest smash (at 421 km per hour). The event organiser wants you to challenge the record!

It will only cost 1 Malaysian Ringgit to play the game.

The fastest smasher will be recorded and will be placed at a TV monitor right beside the game stage.

This game will run until the final day of the Malaysian Super Series 2012. If you manage to hold the fastest smash record at the end of the tournament, you will win an IPhone 4.

If you are placed second to fifth place for the fastest smash, you will still win an IPod Touch.

smashing game maybank malaysia open

The picture above is the display of the monitor during Day 1 of the Maybank Malaysia Open 2012 (Qualification Rounds).

As you can see, Rexy Mainaky (Malaysian national badminton coach and former Olympic champion) also played this game! He currently holds the fastest smash record in the game.

smashing game maybank malaysia open

The picture above shows you the game stage for this particular event.


  • You will be given a Yonex badminton racket
  • You will use that racket to hit the shuttlecock to the centre part (white area) of the stage
  • There will be a speed camera recording the speed of the shuttle right at the centre of the stage
  • You will be given several tries until the shuttlecock actually hits the centre part of the stage and when the shuttle speed is determined
  • The highest speed smash of the game will be recorded

Note that the speed record of this ‘Smash against Tan Boon Heong’ game might not be accurate. The recording procedures are different from the speed test performed on Tan Boon Heong’s 421 km per hour smash.

Regardless, it’s still lots of fun. Take a shot at this game!

Challenge the fastest smasher in the game for a chance to receive your gifts: the IPhone 4 or Ipods.

Iphone Smash Simulation

This is another smash game generated by an Iphone Application. It is similar to the ‘Smash against Tan Boon Heong’ game, except that you hold the Iphone and perform your smash instead of holding a real racket.

Similarly, the speed of your ‘smash’ will be recorded and the fastest few will be listed on a TV monitor beside the game stage.

Unfortunately there are NO prizes offered in this game.

I had quite some fun with this game. Take note that the recording procedure in this game is totally based on the computer generated Iphone App, it might not be 100% accurate.

Then again, it is JUST A GAME.

iphone smashing game maybank malaysia open

You should really check this game out. The picture above shows you 2 gentlemen playing the Iphone smash App.


danceminton maybank malaysia open

I have not played this game, but it seemed like a dance with badminton moves. Sounded really interesting!

danceminton maybank malaysia open

Above shows you the schedule for the Dance-Minton activity. It will run during the times stated above.

I was at the stadium but I didn’t have the chance to go and see what this was about. You might want to discover it for yourself.

Badminton Shops

maybank malaysia open shops

There is a Malaysian Badminton Open affiliated shop selling all the badminton equipments right outside the stadium hall.

They only sell Yonex equipments here, considering that the tournament is partly sponsored by Yonex.

I’ve checked it out and these equipments are roughly AT market price. I would say that these equipments are reasonably priced.

It will be fairly convenient if you need to get any Yonex equipment(s) as they have a pretty wide range. At least you don’t have to go through the trouble of looking for deals in the marketplace.

Pretty much all the Yonex stuff is sold at the Malaysian Super Series 2012.

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