Yonex Denmark Open 2011 Men Singles Final: Lee Chong Wei vs Chen Long


Tournament Yonex Denmark Open 2011 Final (Super Series Premier)
Location Odense, Denmark
Date 23 October 2011
Category Men Singles


The men singles final of the Yonex Denmark Open 2011 features the current world no.1 against the current world no.2, Lee Chong Wei and Chen Long respectively.

This final was a repeat of the finals in the last Super Series tournament held in Tokyo, the Yonex Japan Open 2011.

Lee Chong Wei was defeated by Chen Long in 3 games during the finals of the Japan Open. Click here to watch Yonex Japan Open 2011.

It was said that Lee Chong Wei had problems finding his rhythm on the badminton court.

Lin Dan walked off and refused to face Chong Wei in the finals of the Japan Open, thereby giving the chance to country mate Chen Long, to face the world no.1 in the finals.

Lin Dan Losing to a non-seeded Player?

In this competition, Lin Dan was defeated by a non-seeded player from Hong Kong, Wong Wing Ki in the second round of the Yonex Denmark Open 2011.

Everyone knew that it was not possible. The only reason to this was due to Lin Dan not being serious in winning a title in this competition.

They Meet Again

It was the second time in a row these 2 players met in the finals of an OSIM BWF Super Series tournament.

This time, Chen Long got the Yonex Denmark Open 2011 title in 2 straight games.

Chen Long Displays Extraordinary Defensive Skills

Chen Long put up a very good fight against Chong Wei. Chen Long’s defence was extraordinary, rendering Chong Wei’s attacks ineffective.

There were several times when Chong Wei rushed forward to perform the net kill and left his rear court vulnerable.

Chen Long managed to surprise everyone by returning Chong Wei’s kill, pushing the shuttle to Chong Wei’s rear court. We have witnessed these very same scenes in the Yonex Japan Open 2011.

Perhaps Chong Wei should have employed another strategy. Chen Long seemed comfortable returning net kills from the world no.1.

Chen Long has extremely quick reaction. In the Yonex Japan Open 2011 match analysis, I explained that Chen Long is good in executing badminton drives.

This further emphasises my point that he has fast reaction, hence being able to drive shuttles excellently and produce fast attacks such as net kills.

Chen Long’s Smart Play

Despite that, the main reason that caused Chong Wei’s defeat in the Yonex Denmark Open 2011 was due to Chen Long playing to his strengths.

Being an extremely tall badminton player, Chen Long used his height very well in gaining an advantage.

Sending shuttle to the back of the court didn’t help. During the game, whenever Chong Wei lifted the shuttle to Chen Long’s baseline, he put himself in trouble.

When Chen Long got behind the shuttle, he was able to produce dangerous shots due to his height advantage.

Not the Best from the World #1

I have seen Lee Chong Wei played at a faster pace. I wouldn’t say the world no.1 has given his best performance in this competition.

The fact that Chen Long defeated Chong Wei in 2 STRAIGHT tournaments surprised most people.

Will he become Chong Wei’s next nemesis?

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