Hong Kong Open Super Series 2010 FINAL

Lee Chong Wei vs Taufik Hidayat

Watch the Yonex Sunrise Hong Kong Open 2010, between Lee Chong Wei and Taufik Hidayat.

In the first game, Taufik took a more offensive approach against Chong Wei. We can see more offensive smashes coming from Taufik during Game 1 of this match.

However during the second game, Taufik was less competitive. I think this is because of his age disadvantage (weaker stamina).

On the other hand, Chong Wei also made a couple of mistakes during this tournament.

The game finished fast (approximately 30 mins). Part 4 of this video also consist of the prize giving ceremony. If you have time to spend, finish watching the video. You’ll see Taufik playing around with Chong Wei during the ceremony.


Part 1



Part 2


Part 3


Part 4

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