Yonex Denmark Open 2011 men singles Round 2 – Taufik Hidayat v Viktor Axelsen

Tournament: Yonex Denmark Open 2011 Round 2 (Super Series Premier)
Location: Odense, Denmark
Date: 20 October 2011
Category: Men Singles


This phenomenal badminton match in the Yonex Denmark Open 2011 between the former Olympic and World Champion, Taufik Hidayat and Viktor Axelsen of Denmark is truly worth watching.

This was only Round 2 of the tournament and the competition had already become so exciting. Viktor Axelsen defeated Taufik Hidayat in 3 games!

Difficult Year for Taufik

Taufik did not have a good year in terms of tournament play because he had never won a Super Series title.

The furthest he got was the finals of the Malaysian Open 2011 early this year where the title was won by the 6th time defending champion Lee Chong Wei.

During the Indonesian Super Series Premier 2011 held in Taufik’s home country, people definitely expected the former world and Olympic champion to win it. However he did not manage to get into the semi finals.

In the 2011 Badminton World Championships held in London, Taufik was defeated by a non-seeded player from Singapore, Derek Wong in the early matches.

I think the main problem to this was due to Taufik’s age. As he nears retirement, competing with younger and more agile badminton players has become much harder.

As for Viktor Axelsen, he is the former BWF World Junior Champion and is the only singles junior player from Europe to ever win a World Junior’s title. He is only 17 years of age in 2011!

Since the Badminton World Championships 2011, Taufik was absent in several Super Series tournaments until this Yonex Denmark Open 2011 – where he decided to return to the badminton scene.

Renewed Energy

Taufik was determined to win this tournament. Prior to the World Championships in London, Taufik was less energetic and agile in most competitions.

After deciding to rest and then return to badminton, we saw more energy in him. He played at a higher pace. In this tournament, Taufik played like he played “back in the days”, when he was younger and faster.

This is the kind of play we would have expected from an Olympic Champion!

At the beginning of the match, Taufik came firing aggressive shots to Viktor.

He widened the score gap. It looked like Taufik would have won this match and proceed to the quarter finals.

Rallies were ended quickly by Taufik at the start of the match.

Viktor Shines

But once Viktor has found his rhythm on the badminton court, he was a real beast!

The best part was Viktor’s sublime spinning net shot. Taufik was no match for Viktor at the front of the net. The dangerous net play skills from Viktor destroyed Taufik’s confidence.

From the back of the court, Viktor was also such a threat. He is extremely tall (188 cm).

He was very smart in taking advantage of his height. This allowed deadly drop shots and acute smashes.

The momentum of winning shifted to the young Junior World Champ. Do pay close attention to Viktor’s play along the net.

So far, I think Viktor produces one of the best net shots around the world.

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