Badminton Asia Games 2006 FINALS

Taufik Hidayat vs Lin Dan

Watch the Badminton Asia Games FINALS played in Doha, between Taufik Hidayat and Lin Dan.

The sound of the videos does not correspond with the videos. Anyway this was a good match between Taufik and Lin Dan.

Today we could hardly witness Taufik winning Lin Dan because Lin Dan has not only improved a lot; Taufik himself too has loss speed due to lower fitness level.

In this match, Taufik used a more defensive approach; playing a game of skills and patience with Lin Dan. Lin Dan has strong offensive abilities via overhead smashes; it is so strong because Lin Dan has the ability to suddenly inject pace of movement and power into the shuttle to execute an overhead smash while his opponent is not yet ready to defend.

Taufik forced Lin Dan to play around the net. I think during that time, Lin Dan has yet to have developed quality net skills as of today. Therefore, Taufik gained a lot of advantage playing with Lin Dan around the net. Lin Dan lost many rallies in net play.


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