Yonex All England 2008 SEMI FINALS

Chen Jin vs Lee Chong Wei

Game 1

Watch the Yonex All England 2008 SEMI FINALS, between Chen Jin and Lee Chong Wei.

Both players played more stroking in game 1 rather than aggressive attack. I guess this is because both players are strong defenders and therefore they can only win the rally via continuous attacks, which is VERY tiring.

Even if they have the chance to smash, they did not exert full strength into executing the smash because in order to do a very powerful and fast smash, you will have to sacrifice body balance for the power. See this page on badminton footwork to understand why is body balance so important in badminton.

Therefore both players engaged in stroke playing, forcing each other into errors.

I think Chong Wei was nervous at the start of game 2. He started making a number of mistakes.

Chong Wei used the high serve at the start of game 2. I think he knows that Chen Jin is a defensive player and does not possess strong attacking styles like Lin Dan or Peter Gade. Therefore I think his purpose was to lure Chen Jin to attack.

On the other hand Chong Wei himself is a strong defensive player (strong defences against badminton smashes). Therefore he knows if Chen Jin attacks, he will be able to defend it. At the same time, Chong Wei will be able to force Chen Jin’s footwork into error when Chen Jin attacks.

Chen Jin switched to an attacking strategy after the first half interval of game 2. He was really aggressive towards the end of the match. It eventually turned out well for him.

Game 1 and 2


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