Where can be the position of playmate during a service?

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Mixed Doubles

Question: Where can be the position of playmate during a service?

Hi Ravi, thanks for your question.

During a badminton service in doubles, your partner can stand anywhere he or she likes.

According to the official badminton rules set up by the BWF, the partner of a server can stand anywhere on the court as long as the position where the partner stands does not blocks the vision of the receiver.

This means that the receiver must be able to clearly see the badminton serve being performed by the server.

Preferred Standing Position in Badminton Doubles

In men or women’s doubles, the preferred formation for the parties delivering the service will be the attacking formation (one player in front, one player at the back).

The server will deliver the service from the front while the partner stands behind. This allows the partner to get ready to produce a powerful smash IF the receivers lift the shuttle high in the air.

The picture above shows you the ideal standing position for men or women doubles upon delivering the serve.

The player standing behind the server should not stand too far back, because he or she is required to cover for the server, just in case the opponents decide to hit to the shuttle to the sides of the court (point A and B in the picture above).

Ideal Standing Position for Mixed Doubles

In mixed doubles, players usually stand front and back.

However, women will always stand in front of the court.

For example, if the rally now requires the man to serve, the male player will stand behind the female partner to serve from the centre of the court.

The lady at the front must squat down low enough to enable the receiver to clearly see the server (male player) serving from behind.

The 2nd picture on top of the page (click on it to enlarge) shows you the ideal serving formation in mixed doubles, where men deliver the service.

These are the ideal standing positions.

These serving formations in badminton doubles are very efficient and good for winning a badminton game.

After all, you are free to stand wherever you want around the badminton court.


There are no regulations which require you to stand at a specific location when delivering a service, (as long as you stand within the service boundaries)

For more information on service boundaries, see badminton rules for doubles and server’s serving position.

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