Service Box for Singles and Doubles

by Dinesh Chauhan


Question:I want to know that during Service , if serving player hit shuttle over the parallel court of opponent and shuttle falls inside right area/side of opponent. Then,is it correct service or fault?

Hi Dinesh, thanks for asking us a question.

In badminton, the server is required to serve to the parallel to the service box. The service box in singles and doubles are shown in the pictures below.

Service Box for Badminton Singles

badminton singles service rules

Service Box for Badminton Doubles

badminton doubles service rules

If the shuttlecock lands ON the outer lines of the service box, the service is inside and will be called good.

In your question, you asked whether it is a fault if your serve lands at the side of your opponent.

As long as your service lands in coloured area in the pictures above (refer to singles if you’re playing singles and vice versa), the shuttlecock is said to have landed INSIDE.

If the shuttlecock touches your opponent’s body or racket while travelling to the ground inside the service box, your opponent commits a foul.

However based on your question, I would say that the service should be called good provided the receiver (your opponent) did not touch the shuttle.

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Service Box for Singles and Doubles

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If the shuttlecock touches your opponent’s body or racket while traveling to the ground inside the service box, your opponent commits a foul.
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Service Box for Singles and Doubles

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If the shuttlecock touches your opponent’s body or racket while travelling to the ground inside the service box, your opponent commits a foul.

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