Rules: When the shuttle lands on the line is it considered in?

by Farhad Ali


Question: I want to ask that in badminton how is the rule when a Shuttlecock falls on line. What it would be in or out? Please guide to with full information

Hi Farhad, thanks for your question.

When the shuttlecock falls on the line, it should be considered IN.

This is how it works: When the shuttlecock falls, the head of the shuttlecock will touch the ground first. If the head of the shuttlecock touches the line, it is considered inside.

During Professional Matches

In official badminton tournaments, line judges are responsible in deciding whether the shuttlecock falls inside or outside the court boundaries.

In professional tournaments, there will be 10 line judges beside each line!

Having said that, line judges are human too and sometimes they make mistakes from time to time.

During Casual Sessions

Sometimes it is very difficult to judge whether the shuttlecock has landed inside or outside especially when it lands near the line.

Since you don’t have line judges in casual games, the easiest way to make a good call is to let the player nearest to the line decide.

Usually when you’re near to where the shuttlecock lands, there is a higher chance that you’ll make a more accurate call.

If the player nearest to the line is not sure, the next solution is to re-play the rally and no points will be awarded in that rally.

After all, it’s just a casual game!

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