Macau Open 2010 SEMI FINALS

Boonsak Ponsana v Lee Hyun II

Watch the Macau Open 2010 SEMI FINALS, between Boonsak Ponsana and Lee Hyun II.

Boonsak seem nervous at the start when defending smashes from Lee. Boonsak was not able to predict the shuttle direction from Hyun II but as the game progress, he get to overcome this.

The first and second game was competitive.

Hyun II made a significant amount of mistakes, hitting the shuttle long and wide through out the game.

Most of the time, it is the consistency in delivering quality shots that differentiate a good player from a great player.

Boonsak was not able to compete with Hyun II in terms of fitness. When Lee reached the game point during the first game, Boonsak throw up all his stamina in executing the attacks, which are quite effective agaisnt Lee.

If Boonsak played this game a couple years ago when his fitness level was much higher, he would have stand a higher chance to win.

At the start of the second game, Boonsak played with a much faster pace. However later in the game, Boonsak started to commit a number of unforced errors.


Part 1



Part 2


Part 3


Part 4

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