Denmark Open 2004 FINAL

Lin Dan vs Xia XuanZe

Watch the Badminton Denmark Open 2004 FINAL, between Lin Dan and Xia XuanZe.

I personally enjoy this video very much.

These both Chinese players were playing at an extremely high pace. Both players were employing an offensive strategy.

Xuan Ze is extremely intelligent and has the ability to capture the slightest opportunity to STRIKE. Once the opportunity is there, he was able to suddenly inject pace of movement and dash towards the shuttle. For example, when he sees an opportunity at the net whereby Lin Dan returns a shuttle slightly high above the net, he will dash forward for a net kill. In fact, he was sometimes able to expect a high shuttle at the net from Lin Dan and was already waiting at the net area to strike.

Xia also has the ability to change his moving direction very quickly. Usually most players take a couple of steps to move to the baseline and execute a smash. As for Xia, he will only need 1 step to move to the back and then commence his preloading action for a jump smash. Not many badminton players today have the ability to do this.

Lin Dan’s speed is extraordinary, hence able to get to the shuttle early and capture the optimal timing to do a strong badminton jump smash. He was much consistent and precise when playing this match.

Both players have extremely good footwork. Usually if one choose to take fewer steps in his footwork, he will lose his body balance and hence moves slower. These guys can afford to take fewer steps and maintain full body balance, which effectively increased their movement speed on the badminton court.

Although the match was already played halfway at the start of this video, I still enjoy watching it. In this video, you’ll probably get to see top level badminton play.


Part 1



Part 2


Part 3


Part 4

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